WordPress Ping Services – Pointing out a Common Mistake in WordPress Blog

WordPress ping services is the powerful feature to boost up your wordpress blog. We all know better why we use and recommend others to use wordpress as their blogging tool because of its power. Yeah it is true wordpress is the best and powerful content management system. Normally we see that wordpress gets more traffic than websites. WordPress blogs are indexed quickly by search engines because they love wordpress and its featuresJ, clearly wordpress is search engine friendly blogging tool. Major search engine like google become more active on wordpress blogs and provide good traffic. Really wordpress is easy, powerful and lovely CMS.

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What are ping services?

Some of blog directories, sites and search engines offer ping services. These ping services are the medium to get seo benefits and drag more traffic. Google becomes more active with the help of these ping services. Actually whenever we use ping services, a notification goes to those sites which offers pinging services that our site has new content or updates. This way they some blogs give one way links to our site and some blog directories list our blog in their recently updated list, we get few backlinks from them and many sources of traffic. Using pinging service google comes to our site and indexes our newly created content to send traffic. I think ping service top is clear now?

Interaction between ping services and wordpress

wordpress ping services

I am not saying that pinging service is only for wordpress blogs or wordpress users. Ping service providers offers pinging for all web pages. Just they need a url of the webpage to get updates from there. Of course pinging is the good feature for websites. But when you use wordpress you are the lucky because wordpress offers this special feature within. Some users know about ping services and some doest know yet. Actually in advance wordpress has made pinging service to notify. Whenever we create a new content or post on our blog wordpress automatic ping our post with those sites. Every time we create new post and it sends to ping. But by default wordpress offers only single service to ping our post though we can add more services there and save the setting. So the best and plus point with wordpress is wordpress ping services that’s the reason it search engine friendly.

Adding ping services to wordpress site

By default wordpress uses only one ping site or service but we can add more ping services to send notification. Here I am giving you some good ping site list to update your wordpress ping list. Only you need to writing option and setting menu and scroll down for update services put your ping site list and hit save changes button. You are done!














Essential Changes Required Otherwise You may be in Risk

Many people use ping services with wordpress but do not know one essential. Actually when we add new content in our blog wordpress automatic send to ping; this is good but many times we update our existing post or edit them same times wordpress also send to ping with same pinging sites. These pinging sites get re-notification of same content so they consider the process as spam and this way they ban our site to ping again. Means when we edit or update a an existing post wordpress sends to ping on same sites and they ban us knowing spam process. Results comes no notification goes to them our site or blog goes down.

Don’t when world is full of problems solutions are too. Actually there is a beautiful or we can say smart plugin that stops ping on existing posts or content. WordPress sends post to ping whenever we add any new but it don’t send to ping when we update an existing post with the help of this plugin. You can download this Ping optimizer Plugin and enjoy wordpress ping services and no ping for existing posts.

Download Ping Optimizer Plugin

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  1. thanks for share such a wonderful article, i really don’t know about this thing that it also cause risk for our website.

  2. Thanks for the Great List of Ping site . My blog posts are taking too long time to get index . Today when I was checking the ping list I found that only default ping site is available and other ping site has been lost , may be because of the updates . Hoping now my blog post will get index faster as before .

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