How to Redirect Not Found Pages to Home Page

When you have lots of sites to manage then it becomes much difficult to watch out their performance regularly. But to check the health of website is very important part of blogging. Often we become busy in writing articles and never look entire health of the site. The result came that we lost our ranking and competitor beats us. So what we should do?

It will be good idea to make a list of whole sites to check them randomly. We should check entire pages whether they are working properly or just showing not found because of broken link. Any not found or broken link leaves negative response at our site in ranking factor.

We trashed, delete or draft any published and indexed page of our site, it definitely shows not found when visitor comes to that post through indexed link. Thing is not good for visitors and search engines both.

 Here is a very simple method to get rid of this problem. Only you need to install a plugin which automatically redirect your all not found 404 pages to your home page or any page where you like.

not found to home page

DownloadRedirect Not found to home page plugin

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  1. Nice information Deepak. It is very helpful for non-technical and start-up blogger like me. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info. I have started a new blog and found this article very useful.

  3. We many a times need this redirect of not found pages to home page…You have written a very useful article…

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