Installing WordPress – Instructions Must Read before Installing WordPress

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Installing wordpress is not tough on your domain by both ways, using script installer or manual installation. But there is little precaution before doing it. These instructions are important to host a secure wordpress site.  Please follow the tips:

Use Default control panel email provided by host – Every host provide default email address that can be accessed only though cpanel when we logged in there. This email becomes private and secure. I recommend this for security purpose. When anyone tries to hack or change wordpress password it can be recovered from this email. Mostly it becomes secure.

installing wordpress

Don’t Choose user name ‘Admin’ – It is one of the biggest mistake choosing wordpress user name admin. Most of the hacker targets by this default user name. And it becomes plus point for hackers so don’t invite them.

Password – Password means protection and should not be as easy as anyone can guess it. Use three keys – letters, numbers and symbols using caps lock too. Make strong password including these types’ keys.

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