How to Track Adsense Check in India – Getting First Adsense Check

Friends! Now going to focus how to track adsense check in India. Google Adsense is the best and easy method to monetize blog or site traffic. It also provides handsome income when it is done seriously. I have already written many posts on Google adsense in earn money section or how to make money online. Those posts provide complete concept of generating good revenue online from your website or blog or videos. Getting started with Google adsense program, must read following posts-

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How to track adsense check or how to receive adsense check in India

No doubt it is guideline for noobs or newbies who are going to get their first check from adsense program because who got adsense check they know this process well. I hope you also will be experienced man after receiving your first payment. Well incase how to track adsense check please follow the instruction below:

  • Go to and sign in using your adsense account. You should notice details of your payment in payment history option. As it will show payment issue date, payment type, currency and payment number etc.
  • Note payment number from your adsense account and go to blue dart official site
  • Enter your 9 digit payment number in the box displaying at left side corner, make sure you have chosen reference no. and removed 0 from your payment number. Finally hit go button.
  • See the check details below. As it will show you information on current status of your check and when it will be delivered to you (Expected date). You have done your adsense check tracking process. You can take the help of this picture tutorial.

adsense check tracking

In case you did not get any tracking details after entering payment number, don’t worry sometimes it takes few extra days. So no need to worry you will able to track adsense check when blue dart will update in its database. Best of luck and get it soon on time.

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