How to Change Domain Name of Site

Tutorial Guide on How to Change Your Domain Name without Losing SEO of WordPress Site

 Domain name is very essential part of success in online business. Your domain name defines your brand of business so you should be careful while setting up your site or blog. Well our topic is how to change domain name of site without losing in ranking but let us focus on how we should choose domain. We should notice on following points while registering-

  • Brand – Domain name should represent your brand and business so name it what suit better.
  • Easy to remember- A domain should not be long or in phrase but it should be smaller which any one may remember easily.
  • Avoid Special characters – you should not include special characters in your domain means (-), many people just forget to write that.
  • Domain Name Extension – it is good to give preference first to .com, .org and .net because these domains ext. get good ranking easily.

How to change domain of wordpress site tutorial-

When you are willing to change domain make sure you are doing this on Saturday or Sunday or when you get little traffic. Domain changing process takes some time so you may lose traffic and little decrease in ranking too but everything will be fine just follow the steps-

 The first step of whole process is to register domain name where you want to switch your current website or blog. Go to any domain registrar and register your desired domain.

 Change the name server of newly registered domain and add it to your hosting account/control panel. Change in name server takes time from minutes to hours so keep it checking.

 Take full back up of your wordpress site which you want to transfer to another domain. You may follow two ways to take backup – using plugins or via ftp.

Transferring WordPress Site

Friends now time comes to transfer wordpress site to new domain. In this process we will do all things duplicator plugin. Actually using this plugin we will take backup of whole content including date base on computer after will upload to next domain. See how we will do same-

Install duplicator plugin on old site and activate it. Now go to duplicator plugin option to create new package. See the screen shot of the process-

 domain change1

Process will take few minutes depending on your content and database. If your database is heavy process will be longer. Now see process has completed and your content and database is in zipped format.


 Download both installer.php file and zipped package and save it on local computer and upload it to root directory of new domain using ftp/control panel. Uploading and downloading process will take few minutes depending on content size and internet speed.

Create a empty database for new site manually from your hosting control panel. Keep database name, user and password safe for further need.

Now open the following url in browser-


Fill details – write local host in Host, also write user, password and database name which you have created just. Read warning and notice and tick agree option and finally click on Run Deployment button. This process will unzip the package and install wordpress site to new domain. Once process is complete you will able to login to new site using same login details and resave the permalink from setting option.

Delete three files from root directory of new site – installer.php, installer-data.sql and the installer-log.txt. Now check your site all pages, categories and make sure all are working fine.

Setup 301 Redirect (Permanent Redirect) – the most important step is to do 301 redirect your old site to new. By setting up permanent redirect you will get your ranking and seo juice means to say no loss in traffic and rank. We can set permanent redirect by doing some changes in .htaccess file. Just we need to edit .htaccess file from ftp of Old site and add following lines at top, don’t forget to hit save button. (change with your new site name.)

#Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.newdomain.COM/$1 [R=301,L]

Inform to Google that you changed the Domain Name

It is very important step of whole process and you must add your site to Google webmaster tool and verify it. After verification, choose change of address option in GWT and finally hit submit button. Very soon Google will start indexing your new site.

 change of address

Reach to Visitors

After successful migration of site to new domain, inform visitors write a special post on blog or display notification that you have changed address of the site.

Update Social Media Pages

Don’t forget to edit social media pages such as twitter, facebook page, youtube and other major social sharing sites. Edit website address and update status about changing.

 Finally you have done the process of how to change domain name successfully.

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