How to Redirect Not Found Pages to Home Page

When you have lots of sites to manage then it becomes much difficult to watch out their performance regularly. But to check the health of website is very important part of blogging. Often we become busy in writing articles and never look entire health of the site. The result came that we lost our ranking and competitor beats us. So what we should do?

It will be good idea to make a list of whole sites to check them randomly. We should check entire pages whether they are working properly or just showing not found because of broken link. Any not found or broken link leaves negative response at our site in ranking factor.

We trashed, delete or draft any published and indexed page of our site, it definitely shows not found when visitor comes to that post through indexed link. Thing is not good for visitors and search engines both.

 Here is a very simple method to get rid of this problem. Only you need to install a plugin which automatically redirect your all not found 404 pages to your home page or any page where you like.

not found to home page

DownloadRedirect Not found to home page plugin

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How to Change Domain Name of Site

Tutorial Guide on How to Change Your Domain Name without Losing SEO of WordPress Site

 Domain name is very essential part of success in online business. Your domain name defines your brand of business so you should be careful while setting up your site or blog. Well our topic is how to change domain name of site without losing in ranking but let us focus on how we should choose domain. We should notice on following points while registering-

How to change domain of wordpress site tutorial-

When you are willing to change domain make sure you are doing this on Saturday or Sunday or when you get little traffic. Domain changing process takes some time so you may lose traffic and little decrease in ranking too but everything will be fine just follow the steps-

 The first step of whole process is to register domain name where you want to switch your current website or blog. Go to any domain registrar and register your desired domain.

 Change the name server of newly registered domain and add it to your hosting account/control panel. Change in name server takes time from minutes to hours so keep it checking.

 Take full back up of your wordpress site which you want to transfer to another domain. You may follow two ways to take backup – using plugins or via ftp.

Transferring WordPress Site

Friends now time comes to transfer wordpress site to new domain. In this process we will do all things duplicator plugin. Actually using this plugin we will take backup of whole content including date base on computer after will upload to next domain. See how we will do same-

Install duplicator plugin on old site and activate it. Now go to duplicator plugin option to create new package. See the screen shot of the process-

 domain change1

Process will take few minutes depending on your content and database. If your database is heavy process will be longer. Now see process has completed and your content and database is in zipped format.


 Download both installer.php file and zipped package and save it on local computer and upload it to root directory of new domain using ftp/control panel. Uploading and downloading process will take few minutes depending on content size and internet speed.

Create a empty database for new site manually from your hosting control panel. Keep database name, user and password safe for further need.

Now open the following url in browser-


Fill details – write local host in Host, also write user, password and database name which you have created just. Read warning and notice and tick agree option and finally click on Run Deployment button. This process will unzip the package and install wordpress site to new domain. Once process is complete you will able to login to new site using same login details and resave the permalink from setting option.

Delete three files from root directory of new site – installer.php, installer-data.sql and the installer-log.txt. Now check your site all pages, categories and make sure all are working fine.

Setup 301 Redirect (Permanent Redirect) – the most important step is to do 301 redirect your old site to new. By setting up permanent redirect you will get your ranking and seo juice means to say no loss in traffic and rank. We can set permanent redirect by doing some changes in .htaccess file. Just we need to edit .htaccess file from ftp of Old site and add following lines at top, don’t forget to hit save button. (change with your new site name.)

#Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.newdomain.COM/$1 [R=301,L]

Inform to Google that you changed the Domain Name

It is very important step of whole process and you must add your site to Google webmaster tool and verify it. After verification, choose change of address option in GWT and finally hit submit button. Very soon Google will start indexing your new site.

 change of address

Reach to Visitors

After successful migration of site to new domain, inform visitors write a special post on blog or display notification that you have changed address of the site.

Update Social Media Pages

Don’t forget to edit social media pages such as twitter, facebook page, youtube and other major social sharing sites. Edit website address and update status about changing.

 Finally you have done the process of how to change domain name successfully.

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WordPress Ping Services – Pointing out a Common Mistake in WordPress Blog

WordPress ping services is the powerful feature to boost up your wordpress blog. We all know better why we use and recommend others to use wordpress as their blogging tool because of its power. Yeah it is true wordpress is the best and powerful content management system. Normally we see that wordpress gets more traffic than websites. WordPress blogs are indexed quickly by search engines because they love wordpress and its featuresJ, clearly wordpress is search engine friendly blogging tool. Major search engine like google become more active on wordpress blogs and provide good traffic. Really wordpress is easy, powerful and lovely CMS.

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What are ping services?

Some of blog directories, sites and search engines offer ping services. These ping services are the medium to get seo benefits and drag more traffic. Google becomes more active with the help of these ping services. Actually whenever we use ping services, a notification goes to those sites which offers pinging services that our site has new content or updates. This way they some blogs give one way links to our site and some blog directories list our blog in their recently updated list, we get few backlinks from them and many sources of traffic. Using pinging service google comes to our site and indexes our newly created content to send traffic. I think ping service top is clear now?

Interaction between ping services and wordpress

wordpress ping services

I am not saying that pinging service is only for wordpress blogs or wordpress users. Ping service providers offers pinging for all web pages. Just they need a url of the webpage to get updates from there. Of course pinging is the good feature for websites. But when you use wordpress you are the lucky because wordpress offers this special feature within. Some users know about ping services and some doest know yet. Actually in advance wordpress has made pinging service to notify. Whenever we create a new content or post on our blog wordpress automatic ping our post with those sites. Every time we create new post and it sends to ping. But by default wordpress offers only single service to ping our post though we can add more services there and save the setting. So the best and plus point with wordpress is wordpress ping services that’s the reason it search engine friendly.

Adding ping services to wordpress site

By default wordpress uses only one ping site or service but we can add more ping services to send notification. Here I am giving you some good ping site list to update your wordpress ping list. Only you need to writing option and setting menu and scroll down for update services put your ping site list and hit save changes button. You are done!

Essential Changes Required Otherwise You may be in Risk

Many people use ping services with wordpress but do not know one essential. Actually when we add new content in our blog wordpress automatic send to ping; this is good but many times we update our existing post or edit them same times wordpress also send to ping with same pinging sites. These pinging sites get re-notification of same content so they consider the process as spam and this way they ban our site to ping again. Means when we edit or update a an existing post wordpress sends to ping on same sites and they ban us knowing spam process. Results comes no notification goes to them our site or blog goes down.

Don’t when world is full of problems solutions are too. Actually there is a beautiful or we can say smart plugin that stops ping on existing posts or content. WordPress sends post to ping whenever we add any new but it don’t send to ping when we update an existing post with the help of this plugin. You can download this Ping optimizer Plugin and enjoy wordpress ping services and no ping for existing posts.

Download Ping Optimizer Plugin

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How to Remove Category Base from WordPress

No doubt we all are enjoying our world’s most used content management system wordpress because of its plugin power. Plugins are the spices in wordpress recipe and without them there is no taste in wordpress. Actually plugin feature is the right hand of wordpress that gives power to wordpress. Means to say we can do what we want with the help of these plugins. Now I am exploring about a special plugin that will able to remove category from wordpress URL or we can say remove category base from wordpress.

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I hope you have seen many blogs powered with wordpress and other sites showing  topic name with term ‘category’ in url means to say their URL are in well categorized manner e.g.  But wordpress shows category with topic name and it looks like this – ‘’. Well showing directly topic name instead of ‘category’ looks good.

We can remove category base from wordpress with the help of a plugin and you don’t need to edit any php file. The process is so easy and you can get it done right now.

How to Remove Category Base from WordPress

how to remove category base from wordpress

In case to remove category base or category from wordpress URL you need to download and install a plugin named WP No Category Base. You can do it by two ways first type WP No Category Base in wordpress admin’s plugin option and search. Numbers of plugins will be shown to you but you need to install top 1 and activate it. Or download WP No category Base from wordpress plugin directory and upload it to your site’s plugin directory finally activate. You are done now enjoy wordpress without category base. If you found any other powerful plugin please share with me. :-) Thanks.

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How to Track Adsense Check in India – Getting First Adsense Check

Friends! Now going to focus how to track adsense check in India. Google Adsense is the best and easy method to monetize blog or site traffic. It also provides handsome income when it is done seriously. I have already written many posts on Google adsense in earn money section or how to make money online. Those posts provide complete concept of generating good revenue online from your website or blog or videos. Getting started with Google adsense program, must read following posts-

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How to track adsense check or how to receive adsense check in India

No doubt it is guideline for noobs or newbies who are going to get their first check from adsense program because who got adsense check they know this process well. I hope you also will be experienced man after receiving your first payment. Well incase how to track adsense check please follow the instruction below:

adsense check tracking

In case you did not get any tracking details after entering payment number, don’t worry sometimes it takes few extra days. So no need to worry you will able to track adsense check when blue dart will update in its database. Best of luck and get it soon on time.

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Monetize YouTube Videos – How to Link Adsense Account to Youtube

There are many ways of earning online or monetizing your talent over internet. Blogging and Video blogging are popular way of making cash online. People are making money via placing Google adsense ads on their blogs or sites. Really it is good and giving cash from long time. Now making $ with youtube is good idea. Revenue generated by youtube is more than blogs. So if we are best video blogger on youtube, we should go for youtube instead writing long articles on blog.

There are many reasons video blogging is better than blogging for money. Youtube is free to access and do not need any investment such as domain and hosting cost. No fear traffic or server load, that cheap host provider offers. You will make money without having site. So now time to make money with youtube videos.

Getting started with youtube and adsense

Monetizing Youtube Videos

Now time to gain cash from those videos or hard works with youtube. Means to say you need to monetize your youtube videos. Follow instructions and guidelines how to monetize youtube videos or how to link Google adsense account with youtube.

monetize youtube

  1. You will be asked to follow youtube terms and condition while monetizing your videos or youtube channel. You need to mark all three options to and finally click on I accept.
  2. On next step you will be asked to choose ad format that will be serve over videos. By default two options are selected now hit monetize button from the button corner.

monetizing adsense

  1. Now you have enabled monetization for your youtube channel’s videos. You will get message like this.

make money youtube videos

Linking Adsense Account with youtube

Now you have completed monetization step for youtube videos. You will be able to track and see earning stats of monetized videos. All money generated by videos will be visible in youtube account. Now I will guide you how will get those money. Actually youtube pays revenue or money for videos with adsense account. Means to say you need an adsense account to get those money. I am sure you have already an active adsense account. If you don’t have youtube provide you an option to apply to involve in google adsense program. Now see how to integrate adsense account with youtube or link google adsense account with youtube. Follow the given steps with pictures:

youtube and adsense linking

link adsense to youtube

integrate adsense acount with youtube

youtube adsense

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WordPress 301 Redirect – 301 Redirect For Individual Post or Page in WordPress

How to Set WordPress 301 Redirect For Post or Pages

Before explaining how to make wordpress 301 redirect, I would like to focus on 301 redirect. I visited in forums and saw open threads on 301 redirects, users were discussing about. But I did not give any special notice for that. Once it become also my need and I had to look for information on 301 redirect. I found few useful posts on same explaining well on what is 301 redirect. But my need was to grab information for wordpress.

Well 301 redirect is the permanent redirection of a site to a new site. it is safe redirection according to search engines, they does not penalize on such type of redirection.

Why you need 301 redirect?

301 redirect can apply in variety reasons. There may be several causes where you should set 301 redirect. I want to focus them below in points:

WordPress 301 Redirect for Individual Posts or Pages

301 redirection for wordpress is so easy with the help of plugin. I hope everything is possible with the help of plugins in wordpress. Well let me know you how to set wordpress 301 redirect for page and posts. Do it with following plugin-

Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin – Quick page post redirect plugin is the best way to set redirection of a single page or post in wordpress. This plugin has variety of features that will not affect your search engine ranking too. There are many options like 301 redirect or 302 redirect means to say there are options for 301 permanent, 302 temporary, 307 temporary and meta redirect. If you would like to set temporary redirection for a post you can do that or if you would like to permanent redirect you can do that too. You can set no follow relation also.  Quick Page Post Redirection plugin is one plugin with many options.

How to Use Quick Page Post Redirection plugin – It is very easy o use this plugin. First download this plugin from wordpress directory and upload to your plugins directory finally activate it to work for you. Now you can see an additional box below every post and page in your wordpress dashboard. Enter the url where you want to redirect that particular page or post and choose mode of redirection permanent or temporary. Choose ‘Make Redirection Active’ option and finally update your post.

Wordpress 301 Redirect

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WordPress Submit for Review – Problem Solved

WordPress Submit for Review – How to Fix This WordPress Error

Dear friends and wordpress users, have you faced problem like wordpress submit for review? WordPress submit for review is a type of error when we are not able to publish post anymore. It is big problem when user cannot publish any new article on site because there does not appear Publish button to make post live. When we add new article there appears only two options save and submit for review. Whenever we hit button submit for review instead of publish it goes for wordpress error and nothing else. Even I was not able to edit or change theme, delete or install new plugins because of thus error.

Wordpress Submit for Review

WordPress submit for review is the situation, when we go to submit our article on others site and see only submit for review option not publish button because we don’t have administrator authority. Just like that we here we lost our administrator authority. What may be the problem don’t know much about it because I am not a expert php programmer. But I faced the same error and ask many people to help me, visited a lot of forums, used others trick but did not got solution. Here I will share my experience what I did that solved my problem. First see what I did but no solution-

My unsuccessful Efforts for wordpress submit for review

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My Successful Efforts to solve submit for review wordpress error

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Improve WordPress Site Performance using Cache Plugins

This is About How To Improve WordPress Site Performance

Friends if you are also a wordpress user, read this post to improve wordpress site performance. Actually wordpress is script based on PHP and mysql and needs huge load on server. Basically wordpress needs lot of memory on the server. It is essential to maintain database periodically else it may down. There are few plugins available to help with this issue. These plugins solve maximum issues related to database load and slow loading.

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To keep site fast and healthy also affect google ranking. Google does not love slow or long time loading site, it also affect visitors. Long loading site loses the regular visitor and traffics both. Always keep your site active and fast to load.

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There are two most used plugins that increase site performance and also manage databases. These plugins reduce server load, clear cache and improve wordpress site performance. This way site does not take much time to load, these plugins clear caches and also optimize database. WP-Super Cache is most widely used plugin to clear cache and improve wordpress site performance with few clicks. Another is W3-Total Cache wordpress plugin, bother plugins are the best alternative of each other. But personally I use WP-Super Cache and I have best experience with this plugin. Good webhost also suggest to use these two plugins either wp-super cache or w3-total cache. Once I found notice towards hostgator security team to install wp-super cache in every site.

WP-Super Cache – A very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files. This plugin really helps to improve wordpress site performance. You can download wp-super cache plugin though wordpress plugin directly or direct install within wordpress admin dashboard, activate it and clear the cache periodically.

improve wordpress site performance

W3 Total Cache – Improve wordpress site performance and user experience via caching: browser, page, object, and database, minify and content delivery network support. Download W3 Cache Plugin from wordpress plugin directory and upload it to your site plugin directory, do it active and see the magic.

improve wordpress site performance

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How to Optimize WordPress Database to Reduce High Server Load

Optimize WordPress Database to Reduce Unnecessary Load on the Server

Every blogger preferred to use wordpress as his first blogging tool because of it features and tools. It is an open source blogging tool with GNU licensed it means, anyone can use it. With the use of wordpress site development and blogging seems easy. It is as easy as you can get ready a website within minutes. The most attractive feature of wordpress is plugins. These plugins are the power of wordpress. You can get everything with wordpress plugins.

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WordPress is the easiest content management system but sometimes it also seems difficult to manage wordpress sites. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL database. We can say wordpress a kind of blogging script written with php and mysql.

Sometimes our site gets affected or down with high database load on the server. In the starting period it works fine, but when we have huge amount of database, it may be a big problem for us. This way it can damage site performance that can harm our traffic. You can also get notifications from your webhost or server owner regarding high database on server. Even they can suspend hosting account too if you are on shared hosting.

This happened with me also as I am hosting multiple sites on hostgator. One day I saw they have suspended my hosting account and my site was not longer to see live. I asked them the reason of suspension they told high database load on the server that’s why they suspended it. They told me to optimize my wordpress database to access my site again. This may be also with you so optimize your database periodically and improve your site performance.

How to optimize wordpress database

It is not a tough task to optimize wordpress database. It can be done with few clicks with the help of plugins. There are many great plugins we can optimize wordpress database easily. There is no any special skill needed to optimize database with the help of these plugins. Actually when we hit optimize button it automatically optimize all table of mysql database.

Optimize WordPress Database with WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize is the best plugin that helps to improve site performance and reduce extra server loads by optimizing database tables. You can get it free from wordpress plugin directory. Download WP-optimize plugin from wordpress download directory and upload it to your plugins directory and activate it or you can also install directly from wordpress admin dashboard by searching wp-optimize. After activation, you will able to see WP-optimize option in wordpress dashboard, click it to see all database tables. This plugin shows notification front of table that it needs to optimize and others already optimize. Just check the table that you want to optimize and click optimize button. Finally see you have optimized tables.

how to optimize wordpress database wp-optimize

Optimize wordpress database using wp-dbmanager

This is another great plugin to optimize wordpress database and best alternative of wp-optimize plugin. This plugin helps to reduce unnecessary database load on the server and increase site accessibility. Download WP-dbmanager.

how to optimize wordpress database

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